The story of our plywood starts here with the first stage – the planting of the seedlings

The next stage is the care and attention that goes into helping the seeds grow

The growth continues to take place…

The trees can take 8-10 years to reach maturity

They can then be felled 3 times before re work is needed on the soil

Some of the Plantation forest we utilise

The next stage involves FSC logs being imported for the face veneer in China

They are then cut into short sections for peeling

The manufacturing process begins with peeling

The process continues with the plantation core being dried prior to manufacture

This then gives our finished Plywood

The Plywood is then packed in our durable packing ready for shipment to the U.K.

The ships carry up to 14,000 containers and come off the mother ship in Antwerp and onto Feeder ships to make their way to Grangemouth and Tilbury.

Once the feeder ships arrive at their destination the containers are offloaded

The plywood is devanned for storage in our extensive warehouses.

Lastly our fleet of lorries distribute our plywood throughout the U.K.